We offer Consultancy and Advisory Services in various areas including Organizational Restructuring, Vision Articulation & Alignment, Leadership Development, Performance Management, Process Institutionalisation, Review , Mapping and Improvement in organisations, Employee Engagement, Organisational Development & Change Management Initiatives, skill training / improvement etc. We also help Enterprise on their resource augmentation and replenishment plan specially in critical areas for their business functions and continuity.

To start-ups we offer full package from conceptualisation to realisation in all facets including incorporation process / staffing & induction / operational processes / leadership & team training  etc. followed by hand holding.

BIG DATA Analytics  enterprise software focused exclusively on Big Data & Data Science and Analytics for companies to leverage their data to increase sales, reduce costs, manage operations and define their business models and serve customers better is our latest offering.


  • Operations
  • HRD
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Training (Leadership / Team)
  • IT and Electronic Security
  • Technology Advisory and IP Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Contact Centre,  BPO
  • Airline / Aerospace, Travel Industries
  • Infrastructure Project Management Services
  • Specialised Services
    • Business Intelligence and Investigative
    • Aerial Surveillance
    • Go Green (Environmental)
    • Setting up of India presence for overseas companies – ODC, India subsidiary, Engineering Team building, Marketing team building, IP/Product commercialization etc.
Specialised Services

Business Intelligence is crucial for business decisions. We provide detailed information on desired business parameters for taking well-considered decisions. These may include political and economic situation, competition details, data points and analysis etc. We also undertake internal investigative services to provide board/management an impartial view of the desired area / concerning activity.

Aerial Survelliance through UAVs and Aerostat in areas of interest to Police / Para Military Forces / States in their areas of their interest.

Go Green services help enterprises to ensure that they are evironmental friendly with minimun of carbon foot print as also save on water / electricity consumption.

“Plan ahead — don’t make it up as you go”
― Sun Tzu quoted in Business Insider

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