Case Studies

Case Studies

In some case studies , due to nature of our interaction and in accordance with NDA we are constrained in displaying the actual name / identity of our clients.

Case Study # 1 – Case Study of Design and Architecture Firm for Organisation Development Initiative


ABC Inc (name changed in accordance with NDA) is a well known Design & Architectural services partnership company with its head office at in Asia with branches in other states of the country with an employee strength is approximately 100 plus. The Company’s annual turnover of USD 1.2 milliom had been stagnant for the past 3 to 4 years with minor fluctuations.

This was the situation prevailing when it approached for a discussion & meeting with a vision of improving turnover from USD 1.2 million to USD 5 million over the next 5 years with corresponding Increase in manpower and expansion into international arena.


Envisgae Goals

Discussion Outcome

  1. The leadership team of ABCInc who were responsible for operational effectiveness of the organisation lacked oriientation towards organisational growth & the strategic intent of the Compnay.
  2. Absence of organisational growth path has resulted in a lurking discomfort in the minds of the associates, junior architects & the design staff.
  3. Roles, responsibilities & competencies for the associates, junior architects & design staff were not defined which often leads to overlapping of responsibilities.
  4. Operational Processes lacked to match with the projected growth in volume and teritory
  5. Percentage of accrued Income is distributed among the associates & the process followed is perceived to be fair. However, in the absence of a formal performance management system (PMS), the system of rewards &Incentive as related to performance is likely to suffer from objectivity & fairness. This may lead to discontentment among associates & the junior staff.
  6. The focus of ABC Incpartners is on business growth & expansion. Based on their strategic intent to Increase the present annual turnover of USD 1.2 million to USD 5 million over the next 5 years. The broad expansion plans are:-
    a) ABC Inc  must define its business goals more objectively, carry out strategic articulation & people alignment to reach its envisioned future in the given time frame.
    b) African continent provides excellent growth potential in the infrastructure, commercial & residential space. ABC Incshould establish business in Africa to seize the opportunity presented. 
    c) India region offers major growth potential &ABC Incshould expand in that market taking advantage of its proximity.
    d) Build up on its existing business in  the region which offers sizable growth potential in commercial & residential space.

Proposed Interventions

A review of structure, roles, responsibilities, competencies, workflow and processes based on the above the was undertaken  with a view to identify areas for improvement and the same were finalised post discussion with the management.


Business goals, SWOT analysis & strategy articulation.

Business goals or plans of the organisation lead to strategy articulation which then defines the direction or road map for the organisation for achievement of the business goals. However, both business goals & strategy are linked to & dependent upon the strength & weaknesses of the organisation & the opportunities & threats which the business environment presents.

While the above exercise would be a normal practice in any organisation for accomplishment of its business goals, it assumes special significance for ABC Incto realise its envisioned growth of almost 1000% from the present level in 5 years or 200% year on year for the next 5 years. The core leadership of ABC Inc would be exclusively involved in this intervention.

Leadership development

It is of utmost importance that the core leadership team of ABC Inc develops strategic & operational leadership skills to guide the future of the organisation. A few emerging leaders could also be co-opted in this leadership intervention. This leadership intervention will have long term perspective focusing on transformational leadership & will effectively support the projected growth/expansion of ABC Inc.

Performance management system (PMS).

An objective PMS is an absolute must to ensure organisational & people performance. It focuses on goal achievement & contribution of various Incumbents towards achievement of the goal. Cocequently rewards &Incentives process is stream lined & perceived to be fair. It helps in identifying competency gaps, distinguishes between performers & non performers & identifies future leadership potential. Several concern areas as listed in serials 2 to 6 above can be effectively addressed through an objective PMS in ABC Inc.

Talent management.

Talent management relates to talent acquisition, induction & orientation, skill development to fill competency gaps, growth & career path for deserving Incumbents & above all retention of talent. Each one of these areas require due focus in ABC Inc to build internal organisational capacity & manage its business goals & expansion. At the same time when talent management is suitably integrated with the PMS it can resolve & settle almost all people related issues.

Work Flow and Processes Analysis

The entire ened to end work flow from receipt of order til delivery and post delivery  client management was  rewamped to remove bottle necks as well as align it to best practices of the industry.


Implementation of  the interventions was spread over a period of  4 months. Following methodology was used

Review of structure, roles, responsibilities & competencies.

  • ABC Inc will document roles & responsibilities of each Incumbent.
  • Consultant will hold one on one meeting & discussions with each Incumbent on the documented roles & responsibilities & identify behavioural competencies for effective performance of the role.
  • Delivery will be in the form of a reviewed ABC Inc organisational structure & competencies required for each role.
  • Time line for completion of this intervention is 7 days after completion of documented roles & responsibilities by ABC Inc.

1. Business goals, SWOT analysis & Strategy articulation.

  • A three day intervention (4 hours each day) for the partners & associates of ABC Inc.
  • Partners will lay down/ identify ABC Inc business goals which will then be evaluated against SWOT & a possible strategy to achieve business goal will be articulated.

2. Leadership development
A leadership development workshop spread over 7 to 8 sessions of 4 hours each to give strategic & operational leadership capability to core leadership of ABC Inc to drive its business objectives. Highly inter- active, the workshop will be customised to ABC Inc business goals & environment.

3.  Performance management System.

Sessions on PMS workshop in the form of lecture, presentation & discussion culminating into an objective PMS on score card format for ABC Inc. Participant for this workshop will be the core leadership, senior architects & design Incumbents of ABC Inc.

4. Talent Management.

Session on the role & responsibility of the leadership for talent management. A highly inter-active engagement where in the associates, senior architects & design Incumbents will participate to understand the tools & technique of talent management for effective organisational performance.

1.  Work Flow and Operartion Processes.

Interactive sessions with the  production team(s) was organised to identify bottle necks and apprise them of best practises of the industry and deisgn work flow and operational processes accordingly. SOP were also layed down.


The results were defined to be reviewed every qurter for the first year and bi-annually there after. The  last review has  indicated that the Company is progress is on the projected trejectory and should be able to achieve it’s  defined goals.

Projected Change in Revenue Share : Country wise

Organisational Competencies :Base Line Improvement

Personal Training Days

Case Study # 2– Decision on New Products


A consumer product company was looking to expand into new products. The senior management team had different views on what to launch. Consequently, the lack of agreement led to a deadlock and nothing was being done.


A structured process was followed to articulate the differing views. Some of these were more propositions, than actual product ideas. These were then fleshed out into full concepts by multiple cross-functional senior teams. Using these concepts, the Sales team evaluated the potential in the market. Armed with these inputs, forecasts were made of potential sales and margin impact of each idea. The senior management team sat down and looked at all the results and chose the one route they thought was most appropriate for the company at that time.


Since everyone had been involved in the exercise and all ideas were taken on board, the final consensus was unanimous. This allowed the company to push forward with one agenda and the entire management team solidly behind it.

Case Study # 3 – Meeting Deadlines


A consumer product company was struggling to scale up the number of promotional activities to run and the number of new products to introduce. The clash between regular production and the new requirements, usually led to delivery of regular products at the cost of delayed delivery of new / promotional products and quality issues due to rushed production. Missing committed deadlines by a month or more meant that media spends were wasted and new products were not on shelf when consumers went searching them out.


A 4-month team coaching exercise was carried out. This addressed cross-functional team working, the technical aspects of inventory planning and new product introduction, as well as a continuous improvement methodology.


At the start of the project, the average delay between commitment and actual delivery of small volume, new products was 30 days. This reduced in 4 months to 2 days and ensured that product was on shelf when media broke.

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