Affiliations & Partners

Affiliations & Partners


QuantFarm is a full-service, enterprise software focused exclusively on Big Data & Data Science and Analytics for companies to leverage their data to increase sales, reduce costs, manage operations and define their business models and serve customers better. It has become the key basis of competitive edge and helping in remaining ahead of the curve. For this, we offer POC (Proof of Concept) for companies to realise the potential of Analytics from Big Data and it’s potential in accelerated enhancement of their business.

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Maxgrid Secuicor

The ‘Closed Loop’ Risk Mitigation & Management Service, is undertaken by professionals with over thirty years of Corporate, Manufacturing, I.T, Intelligence and Military Special Operations experience.

This synergy of expertise between Contrado Virtus & Maxgrid Securicor makes our service package of Consultancy and Advisory Services to our discerning clients, a highly effective and inherently unique single window access point, for any organization’s business and business related security aspirations.


HireSmart Solution is one stop shop for HRD solution working on 2 simple and cardinal objectives:

a. To help organisations staff their open positions with the best talent possible
b. To develop a strategic employer branding campaign and operate a smart internal hiring system.

Shenton Consultings

A company specializing in aerial surveillance through UAV and aerostat with global deployment closely associated with Contrado Virtus to give clients the capability to survey, monitor, gather required information of their interest.

Dass Rasayanic Services


Dass Rasayanic Services, an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified  organization and is an outcome of over 30 years of experience in implementation of various projects and design integration.It has successfully completed more than 500 projects mainly in, Air Pollution Control System (APCS), Sound Pollution Control System (SPCS) ,Reverse Osmosis SystemSewage Treatment Plant (STP) Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Online Continuous Softener for Industrial, Commercial & Domestic application. It is equipped with state-of-art Lan based design & simulation workstation, Automated analytical Lab & workshops.Their expertise lies in:

  • Environment Planning And Designing
  • Management Plan (EMP)
  • Water Conservation And Auditing
  • Project Management
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Water Shed Management

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